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Jason Lloyd Shaber, a year-old Boise man who pleaded guilty to placing a Craigslist ad offering sex with a 3-year-old girl that he also sexually abused, was sentenced to 30 years in federal prison followed by lifetime supervised release — after pleading guilty in May to sexual exploitation of children by producing and distributing child pornography.

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Officials say Schaber, the father of two, posted several Craigslist online seeking sex for himself as well as the. Investigators worked with Craigslist and Google and traced the back to Schaber in mid-May, according to reports. The plea agreement states that Schaber produced 26 sexually-explicit images and videos of female minors who were less than six years of age — and distributed child pornography that he had produced himselfor that he had obtained from the Internet.

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The images and videos depicted actual and simulated intercourse, oral sex and the lascivious exhibition of the genitals and pubic area of the minors, according to the plea agreement, reports said. We hope for the ongoing recovery of the victims in this case. A grand jury indicted him on 23 federal charges, most of them related to making and distributing child pornography.

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The case was brought as part of Project Safe Childhood, a nationwide initiative launched in May by the Department of Justice to combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse. They started to investigate in April and got him at the end of May, could this not be speeded up somehow?

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Makes me sick! Child sex-trafficking is a truly evil and vile thing that has permiated its way into all corners of the globe. To put an end to this evil…each who become aware.

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Not doing anything is the only support these evil people count on. You can be the difference!

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Tom, I am a master of sarcasm. Could have written the same thing. It is best to laugh than cry. But most people read words at their face value.

Personals near Idaho, USA

Problem is we are electing them. I wish for vigilante justice.

Personals near Idaho, USA

I only wish one thing for this animal…… 30 minutes with him alone after being off my medicine for a couple weeks!!!! May justice be served.

What kind of life is that poor baby going to have? And I wonder how many other children he has abused.

Idaho from craigslist sex

Their lives are ruined, their innocence taken away. May he live his life in prison as a prostitute. All I can say as an adult myself having gone through sexual abuse at the same age I think that all pedos should never have the chance to leave prison, as once they do they tend to disappear into the back ground and some how manage to abuse again or get off on child porn sites.

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Also Tom until you know someone who has suffered abuse in person you should keep your perfectic opinions to yourself because anyone who says what you did is someone who has the same sick mind of a offender themself. I could go on but I am too mad to say any more that would be write able. Like I said. Leave them there let them rape each other and leave innocent babies alone.

Personals near Idaho, USA

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Personals near Idaho, USA

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Traffick Alerts. The child, who is known to Schaber, is in the custody of the state.

Personals near Idaho, USA

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Personals near Idaho, USA

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