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Buckmaster is eager to counter any negative perceptions about Craigslist. Certainly, there are plenty of historic examples of killers using the newspaper classifieds to find their victims — after all, predators will use any tool at their disposal to stalk potential victims. There are some important issues to consider. Craigslist gives predators a much broader landscape on which to prowl.

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With a few clicks, a criminal in Boston can scope out victims in 5 states within easy driving distance. Just last weekend, police in Worcester, MA arrested 50 Craigslist users in a sex sting operation.

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Cook County, Illinois Sheriff Tom Dart insists the erotic services section is one-stop nationwide shopping for prostitution. Craigslist has instituted some controls over who posts erotic telephone and credit card verification and donates all revenue from such to charity, but so far has refused pleas from Dart to eliminate the section all together.

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There are no controls in regard to who responds to an ad. Police say Markoff likely targeted women he thought would be reluctant to report a robbery.

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The security precautions on Craigslist are, for the most part, nothing more than suggestions. One of those is to meet prospective buyers, sellers — or clients in public. The pledge might seem simplistic.

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Buckmaster points out that Craigslist cooperates fully with police investigations. In fact, Craigslist can be a powerful tool for investigation, recording IP addresses, and other electronic atures that can help swiftly lead police to a perpetrator.

Does the information contained on Craiglist make it easier for criminals to operate? The evidence would suggest it does. Would more controls on the site lower the potential for criminal activity? Would that sort of crime go away if Craigslist ceased to exist? It was with us long before Craigslist was created.

And while Craigslist is the most prolific ad site on the internet, there are dozens of other similar venues for predators to prowl.

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If the services which are being offered on any internet site are "illegal" then, all regarding the illegal behavior should also be considered as "illegal" nationwide. In other words, prostitution is an illegal offence in most all of America. If it remains to be considered an illegal offence, then all need to be removed from the list!

If the owner of any site refuses to obey the laws of the land, then he gets charged and punished for the offence commited.

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The idea of putting them all in a bag is somewhat a good idea here! That could suffocate the problem that we are seeing here and protect our children from the predetors of the internet community.

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If it is illegal and it is listed, then both the "offerer" and the "owner" should face charges for thier crimes to society and to its children. It would have been different if he had unknowinly met with ! Just think of the horrable outcry that would have caused! There should be an outcry by parents, nationwide!

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You should not be able to offer any service through an ad if the service is illegal to begin with! Their is no reason that these are giver easy access any child can by easy mistake see them. Welcome to the American Morning blog where you can get daily news updates from American Morning's reporters and producers.

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us for "the most news in the morning," weekdays from a. ET, only on CNN. American Morning.

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Tune in at 6am Eastern for all the news you need to start your day. Penn State rocked by sex scandal. Niall Ferguson on new book, Eurozone crisis.

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Mississippi to vote on 'personhood'. Magic Johnson - 20 years living with HIV. Ohio union vote could affect elections. Talk Back: What is sexual harassment? Women more educated, paid less. Jury deliberations in Murray trial. Is your child suffering unnecessary pain?

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Molly Katchpole on standing up to banks. Will Texas judge face beating charges?

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Five big money mistakes to avoid. Harman on witnessing history in Tunisia. Reporter responds on Biden 'ambush'.

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Is OWS diverse enough to represent America? How would Americans vote today? Perry advisor has 'nothing to hide'.

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The most expensive U. Can the middle class be saved? Atlantis crew on flying the last mission.

Craigslist sex bust Worcester

The best cities to live in the U. Share this on:. Should Craigslist be any more responsible for protecting their users than newspapers? John Roberts. April 23, at am. NG lets call it "PIMPlist" no they don't charge for these but they get the traffic because of these.

April 22, at pm.

Sluts near Massachusetts

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Brookline Police: Steven Hughes responded to phony Craigslist ad.

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