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Need an ? Download Free PDF. Sara B. Sari van Anders. A short summary of this paper.

Download Download PDF. Translate PDF. We also asked participants who had such an experience to describe it, resulting in qualitative descriptions from participants. For exam- sva5 queensu. Berlo, Specifically, et al.

Together, these assertions have contributed to an researchers have argued that, because orgasm occurrence has overall message that orgasm, along with being essential for come to symbolize success and is assumed to always be posi- sexual pleasure, is necessary to successful functioning of the tive, orgasm absence has been inappropriately labeled as a psy- mind, body, and spirit. Heterosexual women orgasmic sex as dysfunctional and inherently not pleasurable. For men, being able to non-orgasmic activities.

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Furthermore, scholars have asserted orgasm during sexual activities is expected, arguably because that orgasm absence relates to socio-behavioral contexts rather of the assumption that men constantly desire and are always than psycho-physiological dysfunctions Armstrong, England, ready for sex Wiederman, However, despite facets of sexual experience e.

But, while this has been useful in re- coerced sex that individuals feel is consensual2 having an conceptualizing orgasm absence, we are still left with another orgasm during compliant sex, 3 having an orgasm after feel- assumption inherent to the orgasm imperative that has yet to be ing pressured to have an orgasm i.

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Argu- interrogated: that sex is always necessarily positive or pleasur- ably, assessing whether orgasm experiences in these scenarios able when orgasm is present Frith, This ps that experiences within these specific types of sexual encounters. Having an Orgasm During Coerced Sex But, are orgasms always experienced in unilaterally positive ways?

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Importantly, such evidence along sexual coercion i. That is, research has yet to explore whether orgasm coerced sex can simultaneously be experienced as having an experiences i. Having an Orgasm During Compliant Sex 1 Some research has arguably shown that orgasm experiences can be bad during consensual sex for clinical reasons.

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For example, research has shown that many men experience stress, shame, and guilty asso- Another scenario that might set the stage for bad orgasm ciated with premature ejaculation Porst et al. And, studies have found that women and men can experience ing compliant sex. McCabe et al. This suggests that women and especially e.

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Again, because they are more likely to experience consensual sexual if orgasm can occur during sexual assault, it makes sense that encounters characterized by negative affect. On the one hand, sion of sexual reciprocity further supports that orgasms during this could mean that women are less likely to have bad experi- sexual compliance exist—for example, in one study, a woman ences related to orgasm specifically because they are less likely stated that she felt pressured to continue sexual activity despite to orgasm at all during encounters characterized by negative feeling too tired and not wanting to because her partner had affect.

This means that men may time i.

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This could mean 1. How does social location shape bad orgasm experiences? Together, the above evidence suggests that orgasm experi- Method ences during sexual coercion, sexual compliance, or feeling pressured to have an orgasm might set the stage for bad orgasm Participants experiences to occur during consensual sex; and, social location could be an important factor in shaping bad orgasm experiences To be eligible for this study, participants had to be 18 years during such encounters.

We recruited participants consideration to social location—may be a useful initial entry- through convenience sampling by posting online advertise- way into empirically understanding bad orgasm experiences as ments i. Participants reported that they accessed the survey through Facebook We recruited specifically to increase gender and orgasm experiences during consensual sexual encounters.

To sexual minority representation through similar advertisements do this, we asked participants of diverse gender and sexual targeted toward gender and sexual minority individuals. Tar- identities to answer open-ended questions in an online survey geted advertisements were posted in the same online spaces about 1 their orgasm experiences during coerced sex, compli- as general recruitmentbut also in targeted online spaces ant sex, and feeling pressured to have an orgasm, and 2 how e.

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We sexual minority subreddits, etc. Specifically, we used To do this, we first created a dataset that included all partici- deductive analysis to categorize and count patterns in partici- pants with usable quantitative data.

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See Fig. See We note that there may be other types of bad orgasm experi- Table 1 for quantitative and qualitative participant demograph- ences beyond those characterized by sexual coercion, compli- ics information. As such, we beliefs.

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Participants also had the ence, and orgasm experience. Participants who indicated that option to write in their own description if they felt none of the they have never engaged in sexual were redirected to the end given terms described their relationship status. Quotes in the when they felt pressured to have an orgasm. Yes Participants were given the fol- lowing prompt: Here, we will ask you about your experiences related to having an orgasm during consensual sexual activity.

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Spe- We are also interested in understanding how your cifically, we are asking about situations where you felt identity s have shaped experiences like the one you pressured to have an orgasm when you were otherwise described above. You may have already responded with uninterested or feeling negative about the sexual activity that in mind but, if not, please take a moment to reflect on taking place, or when you did not want to have an orgasm whether you have any identities that you feel are relevant for some reason.

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Examples of situations like this might or important for us to know more about that would help include not wanting to engage in sex in the first place, us better contextualize your experiences. These might being too tired to continue sexual activity, or not wanting include identities we have already asked you about e. Please take a moment to Please include a description of how you think each of reflect on whether you have had this experience.

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Participants who answered no were redirected to the end of the Study Completion Questions survey. Responses to these questions allowed us to assess repeat responses and exclude participants who did not answer What were your negative feelings during and after study questions seriously. Some participants explained in the sexual activity?

Sluts in Mississippi

What are some of the thoughts that crossed your mind during the encounter? Procedure We then asked participants to compare the orgasm they described to orgasms they experienced in more positive situ- Approval for this study was obtained from the University of ations, using the following prompt: Michigan Institutional Review Board IRB.

Online recruit- ment advertisements directed participants to follow a survey Take a moment to consider how the orgasm in the link where they consented to study participation. Participants situation s you described compared to orgasms you completed a short screening questionnaire to determine their have had when you did not feel pressured.

Was it more eligibility for study involvement. Once they were deemed eli- pleasurable, less pleasurable, about the same, or some- gible, they completed the online survey; participants completed thing else? Please describe below.

Participation was compensated they described. Upon completion partner said or did something that made the participant feel of the study, participants were directed to a debriefing form pressured to orgasm. This highlighted the value of conducting that described the purpose of the study and provided additional the inductive analysis first.

After reliability was established for resources about experiences of orgasm.

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Analyses In the final stage of analysis, we reviewed the data to create a final thematic map. We compiled quotes that well-repre- Qualitative responses were first coded using Dedoose version sented each theme from participants of diverse gender and 8.

Sluts in Mississippi

The codes were then exported to Statistical Package sexual identities. All frequencies and quantitative analyses were conducted using SPSS.

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The type of gender and for differences in orgasm pleasure evaluations by sexual encounter was coded as coerced, compliant, or desired. Encounters were coded as coercion if the participant reported that their partner explicitly pressured them into unwanted sexual Thematic Analyses activity e.

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We began with activity that they did not desire i. We compiled a list of preliminary themes partner explicitly said or did something that made them feel based on these summaries and then discussed these themes to pressured to have an orgasm, or no pressure if the participant develop a coding scheme.

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The codes included a name, defini- did not describe feeling pressured to have an orgasm or explic- tion, examples, and exclusions i. Coding theme. We then coded each transcript independently, categorization matrix.

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See Table 2 for the of partici- and discussed code adjustments when they arose. Notably, dur- pant descriptions that were categorized under each of the nine ing this first round of coding, we broadly categorized whether orgasm experience types.

Among compliant sex encoun- ters, a ificantly higher proportion of participants described no pressure to orgasm When asked if cantly higher proportion of participants described compliant they had ever had such an experience, Across descriptions of externally pres- Of the participants who had an experience like one sured orgasms, a ificantly higher proportion of partici- in the study prompt, described their experience. We pants described desired sex See Table 2 for the of participants who described an Can Consensual Sexual Encounters That Include orgasm experience that fit into each category.

Not all experi- correction.

Sluts in Mississippi

We expand on each theme and provide illustrative quotes below. Physical Reactions Only Theme 2 Participants more often described these orgasms Descriptions of orgasms also suggested that orgasms can as less pleasurable than in other non-pressured encounters. Similarly, thing else.

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Overall, Very short and purely physical was about the same, 4. For example, as one partici- ence. Generally, participants suggested that their orgasms were physically In addition to orgasms feeling weaker, just physical, or emo- weaker, physical reactions only, emotionally less pleasur- tionally worse, some participants reported that their orgasm able, or painful.

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