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Whereas female prostitution is visible on the streets for example, in the Red Light Districtand there has been much discussion about the forced prosecution of women, paydates are generally voluntary and organized through the internet, and thus much less visible. However, there are exceptions to this voluntary nature.

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While the paydates may begin voluntarily they can still slide into forced prostitution, which makes use of the same websites to offer sexual services. The following chapter will report on examples of sexdates made via the internet that are not of a true voluntary nature, and discuss the enabling role of the internet in these cases.

Physical violence is not often used as a method to coerce these young men into prostitution; non-violent measures are used instead. First, there are under-aged boys and men who offer their services in gay bars and clubs, such as a group of Romanian men in Amsterdam whom we studied Kooistra, These men operate in bars around the Rembrandplein.

Men who offer their services through gay websites on the internet form the second group. In contrast to the first and secondthe third group of men do not work voluntarily; they are coerced to work as prostitutes. While the police close down several brothels each year, they find it very difficult to estimate the total of illegal male brothels in the Netherlands.

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In Februarya middle-aged man was arrested on suspicion of running an illegal brothel in the city of Amersfoort. In this brothel, which was located in the house of the suspect, between 10 and 20 young men of Eastern European and South American origin were found. Their passports had been taken from them, and they had been told that they had huge debts for travelling costs which they would have to pay back by working in the brothel Police Utrecht, The methods of coercion used by the brothel owners include seizing passports or threatening to expose the men their families. Most men enter the prostitution business voluntarily, primarily to earn money.

When offered a job over the internet, some of them already know that they will be working as a homosexual prostitute.

The promise of a better future in the West draws these men, who will often take on a loan with an exorbitantly high interest rate. ZIP: 28372

Singles near North Carolina

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