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With more awareness about human trafficking in the news, on social media, and in our own social circles, our eyes are opened to what recruitment, methods of control, and the impact on survivors looks like. The role of technology and recruitment tactics can often be intertwined in the context of both sex and labor trafficking.

Through platforms like Craigslist to social media apps like Snapchat, technology is a large part of what can perpetuate trafficking as traffickers utilize internet and media trends as part of recruitment tactics and manipulation. However, we cannot write technology and social media off as part of the problem.

Access to technology can be part of the solution if we use it as a tool for positive progress. Access to a phone can enable a victim to call friends, family, or a hotline for help. You can download a PDF of the report here!

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This week, we want to highlight and uplift areas in which technology is fighting for good to combat trafficking, aid survivors, and raise awareness. These days, social media and internet use is one of the most effective ways to get the word out on news, ideas, and current events. Some apps are utilizing their platform to raise awareness and offer education on the issue of human trafficking. Redlight Traffic App. This App provides information on the s of trafficking and what to look for as a concerned individual.

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It aids with recognizing and reporting these s anonymously in order to safely share tips to law enforcement. There are options to report a concerning business, vehicle, or person as well as the specific location Apple, It is important to note that any other in-person intervention can often put yourself and those in the situation at risk or danger of harm. This app provides an anonymous alternative that still allows for you to report the situation to people that do this work and are trained to respond.

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Truckers Against Trafficking App. Did you know that they also have an App? This app shares examples of red flags, what to do and how to report suspicious activity, quick access to helpful hotlines, and an option to in a report. Industry specific apps like this are especially useful in making sure that workers are able to adequately respond as they do their work.

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In our local context, we often see the building of familial and romantic relationships as common recruitment tactics for exploitation. Much of prevention work centers around making sure young people know the s of a negative or potentially abusive and exploitive relationship. This App created by Break The Cycleacts as an educational resource for parents to learn more about the ins and outs of teen dating violence and abuse.

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It has an interactive component where adults are able to receive examples of what controlling or abusive behavior may look like. It also includes helpful resources in the case that an adult is concerned someone they know is experiencing abuse. This app especially focuses on the misuse of technology and privacy as a tactic!

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All too often, we view phones and social media as a way for traffickers to reach survivors and a powerful barrier to leaving a situation of exploitation. However, cell phones and access to internet can also be a source of safety and a life line for survivors of trafficking. There is a reason why most of us do not even leave the house without our cell phones.

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They allow us access to needed information in real time, directions, emergency phone calls, and more at the push of a button. In fact, in their survey, they identified that 19 percent of survivors stated that social media aided their exit By utilizing safety features, location discovery services, and connecting with support systems, they found technology to be an asset.

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You can about the of their survey here. The following Apps and platforms offer access to safety and resources to individuals experiencing exploitation and who have similar lived experiences.

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It points individuals in the right direction for resources such as the Migrant Rights Center, Inc. This resources also serves as a network for individuals to search employers, recruiters, and agencies, read reviews by other workers, or leave a review regarding their experience so that others can benefit from the feedback.

Tech Safety. Because so much of recruitment and control tactics used by traffickers are through technology, many survivors of trafficking or other crimes may not know that safety options exist.

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It is geared toward anyone who may be experiencing harassment or abuse by means of technology and wants to increase their safety or options for legal action. Unfortunately, when individuals are in a situation of exploitation or have exited, often other crimes such as identity theft are perpetrated against them.

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VINE, or Victim Information and Notification Everyday, is a platform that allows victims and survivors of crime to receive free and confidential notifications about offenders, such as changes in their status, location, or release date. This aids survivors of trafficking and other crimes the opportunity to safety plan as needed and have peace of mind regarding the situation of the perpetrator.

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VINE can be accessed through an online portal, a mobile app, and a toll-free hotline. National Human Trafficking Hotline.

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The hotline to call is and the Text option includes texting BeFree to The to know is To learn more about our hotline services, check out our blog post on the subject here! This Chicago-based app focuses on providing young adults ages 16 through 24 in unstable housing situations with real time information on shelters, clinics, emergency resources, mental health services and drop-in centers.

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The app offers a map of nearby resources and contact information, making it easy to access emergency services when needed in the moment Streetlight Chicago, The U. Department of Labor developed this app to serve as a comprehensive resource that documents child labor and forced labor globally. This is a great place to start in order to ask the right questions, take steps toward action, and seek change.

Rethink Supply Chains.

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Finalists were supported in order to develop a proposed solution to identify and challenge labor trafficking in world-wide supply chains. To learn more about the challenge and other finalist ideas, check out www.

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TraffickCam allows users to play an active role in helping create a database of hotel room images in hopes that investigators are able to efficiently connect images and names of hotels from the database to identify the location of images used as part of an investigation, since traffickers often post photographs of survivors in hotel rooms for online advertisements. Users can simply download the app and a photo of their hotel room and information as they travel.

While this app may be able to help in that effort, the impact given the volume of hotel rooms and the general way in which hotel rooms look similar to each other is unknown.

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The variety of tech initiatives being developed to assist survivors is encouraging; we look forward to continuing to see the efforts of Big Data initiatives so we can get to the heart of prevention and intervention in ways that have not been possible on a grand scale before. Technology used to tackle labor trafficking in supply chains. Apple Inc. App Store Preview: Redlight Traffic.

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Appriss Safety What is vine. Break The Cycle Love is not abuse. Contratados n. Identity Theft Resource Center Identity theft help app from national nonprofit ITRC.

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National Consumers League Technology in the fight against trafficking: Tracking criminals and helping victims. Polaris Project National human trafficking hotline.

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Surviving with social media: How victims and survivors use social media to stay safe. Streetlight Chicago Streetlight Chicago. Retrieved from www. Technology and labor trafficking in a network society.

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