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Tuesday, June 13, Andrew Klepper, 19 of Bethesda, has been charged in conjunction with an alleged act of prostitution. On May 15, a Montgomery County police officer saw an advertisement in the Erotic section of Craigslist. He contacted the woman in the advertisement, Melissa Brewer of Reston, Va. The term "full service" is understood to mean sexual intercourse, according to the documents.

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He was in the lobby of the motel at the time. This is not the first time Klepper has been arrested for a sex crime. They stole cash and her cell phone before releasing her.

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Altime, he was convicted as an adult, McLean said. Klepper was sentenced the most severely of the three and was cited as the ring-leader. His trial on the pandering charge has been set for July 6.

Craigslist sex Reston VA

The hearing for his probation violation is set for August. If he is convicted on the pandering charge, it will be up to the judge to determine if that is a violation of his probation and what the consequence could be. The Connection Jump to content.

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