Growing up in an artistic family with a passion for other cultures, Isobel Mills was exposed to a bounty of color, texture and design from around the globe at a young age. With a love of ceramics and the endless possibilities of shape, scale and surface design the clay allowed, she discovered textiles, where she was able to fuse her love of all those qualities and then some.

Upon graduating from the University of Georgia with a BFA in Textile Design, Isobel moved to New York to further pursue and explore her love of textiles and graphic design. After years of varying creative jobs and steady side commissions, Isobel went out on her own to pursue and further explore textiles full time. 

Inspired by Warhol and his interest in elevating everyday objects into art, she has been experimenting with creating pop artifacts and other objects out of textiles. By using a slightly muted palette, she “paints” by sewing and layering more saturated fabrics into her compositions.

Artists in New York have described her work as “some of the most exquisitely painterly textile work”. Isobel just launched her first collection of interior fabrics, with a playful sophistication, that is the commercial/democratic liaison to her fabric pop art.